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Our Utility Locating Services

Private Utility Locating Services

Here are all of the underground locator services we provide to our clients.

Private Utility Mark Outs

We can mark out the location of any privately owned utilities on a construction site. These
are utilities that will often not be located by the free one-call services.

Ground Penetrating Radar

Subterra Utility Locating utilizes ground penetrating radar technology to aid in the detection of underground utilities and structures within your work area. 

GPR is used to aid in the detection and confirmation of electromagnetic signals as well as the detection of non-metallic utilities such as plastic gas mains, PVC water lines, and concrete sanitary / storm sewer pipes.

Storm & Sewer Locating

We use the aid of special instruments designed to locate underground storm and sanitary
sewer systems. With the use of a special rodder, and a micro transmitter called a Sonde,
we can locate most underground ductile, steel, plastic, and concrete pipes. All we need is
an access point into the pipe.

Our Equipment

Subterra Utility Locating, LLC uses only the latest technologies for underground utility locating.
Our state of the art instruments provide the best possible accuracy while maintaining a
high level of productivity. We utilize several instruments on each job to ensure our quality
of work will meet and exceed your expectations.

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